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Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Lionel Messi: The duel continues!

If their club season is over, the duel between Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi continues, however, well. The two eternal rivals also clash by national selection interposed, and for now, it is CR7 who has the advantage.

One would think that the end of the season in club would ring the bell of the rivalry between Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi … Nenni! We were already drawing conclusions, raving on the 48 goals in the Liga de Ronaldo, but conceding that Lionel Messi would undoubtedly golden ball this year again, thanks to the incredible triplet made with Barca this year. But these conclusions are almost swept away from a hand in this international truce, since the two whimsical and fantastic attackers always pull the stuff, at a distance this time. The numbers they reach are more than ever staggering with the goals they put together with their respective national team. And at this little game, it’s Ronaldo who still has the hand at the moment. 

For Cristiano Ronaldo, better than Messi according to Pepe, the season is now over, after two matches with the Portugal team. But CR7 took advantage of the two meetings he was arguing with his selection to refine his stats. Ronaldo scored a triplet in Armenia, three goals that allow him to finish his season 2014-2015 with 66 achievements in the counter in 60 matches. Will he be the Goleador, the top scorer of the season all championships confounded? It is Lionel Messi who holds the answer to this question! The Pulga, which currently fights the Copa America in Chile, still has five matches (if Argentina goes to the end) to catch up with the Portuguese. It is 62 buses registered in 62 matches. If the ratio matches-goals of Cristiano Ronaldo should remain higher than that of Leo Messi (he is at 1.1 goal per game, against 1 per game for the Argentine), the Prodigy of Barca can still put the bar higher and surpass his great rival in terms of goals scored. The season is almost over, but the duel at the top continues! Who will finish the season’s top scorer in your opinion?

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