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Cristiano Ronaldo: Transfer to PSG for 125 million euros?

This is a rumor that should make a big fuss in the press in the next few hours. According to the Madrid newspaper Marca, PSG would prepare an offer of 125 million to snatch Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid. Could this be the sensation of summer?

This is a real bomb that the Madrid newspaper Marca released this morning. According to what can be read in its columns, the Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo could sign at the PSG at the end of the current fiscal year. These rumors appear while the press says Cristiano Ronaldo in full doubt about his Real Madrid in recent days … Frustrated by the white season of the Madrid club, which will not win any title despite its 45 goals in La Liga (!) and its ten pawns in the Champions League, the Portuguese would have ended up getting bored, and would have cravings elsewhere. The recent sounds of the Bernabeu and some polemics that glazed the year would also push the whimsical attacker Lusitanian towards the exit. And the PSG seems willing to do anything to welcome it.
According to Marca, the PSG would indeed prepare an offer of EUR 125 million to wrest the Portuguese striker from the merengue club. Cristiano Ronaldo, who has found a combination to pay less taxes, would not be insensitive to this proposition. The Madrid newspaper thus indicates that it could respond favourably to the Parisian sirens, if the offer of Paris was to be accepted by the Real. To succeed in this huge coup, the Parisian leaders will have to circumvent the strict rules of financial fair play, and board on the means to achieve it at the present time. This transfer, if confirmed, would be a huge sensation, an earthquake on the planet football … and an exceptional blow on the part of the Qatari leaders of PSG, who would give a little more body to their dreams of European grandeur. Do you imagine Cristiano Ronaldo playing PSG?

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