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Cristiano Ronaldo Star of a documentary

He announced it himself, Cristiano Ronaldo will be the poster head of a documentary about him. A film that will trace its season, in the intimacy of the triple gold ball.

At the end of a season without major trophies, Cristiano Ronaldo has at least finished the league’s top scorer, having scored the Bagatelle of 48 goals. A mediocre season on a collective but still exceptional individual basis for the triple gold ball. A season that can be rediscovered through the eyes of Cristiano Ronaldo on the occasion of a documentary about his person who will come out soon in theatres. It is the principal concerned himself who confirmed the information on his Twitter account: “I am pleased to confirm that a film was shot on me.
This documentary will plunge us through the season of Cristiano Ronaldo, in his daily life, in his intimacy, and on his feeling about his fame. A film that will give us the opportunity to discover Cristiano Ronaldo from another angle, away from the green rectangle and the glitter of the ceremonies. To wonder if his war cry during the delivery of his last gold ball was not calculated for this camera. In any case, the idea of seeing a new facet of the personality of Cristiano Ronaldo, who wants to be left alone, will probably be very interesting for the fans of the player. Will you discover Cristiano Ronaldo in this documentary?

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