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Cristiano Ronaldo: Raul Unable to describe CR7

When a legend tries to describe the talents of a star. Today the famous Spanish daily Marca has published an interview of Raul. An interview in which El Siete had a great deal of difficulty in putting words on Cristiano Ronaldo’s performance.

The former Spanish international Raul did not know how to find the words to describe the talent of Cristiano Ronaldo. In the latest edition of Marca, l’homme aux 67 Achievements in the Champions League paid homage to CR7, the strong man of Real Madrid for the last 6 years. Twice the top scorer of the prestigious European Cup (2000 and 2001), El Siete is pleased with the services rendered by the Portuguese star. Melty tells you more about his recent statements. 
“What Cristiano Ronaldo does not have a name is incredible,” confided the brilliant striker who is currently evolving in the New York Cosmos. “By scoring an average of 50 goals per season, he managed to achieve in just six years what I had trouble doing in 20!” I just hope that he will continue to record as many goals for a very long time and that he helps Real Madrid win titles. For the sake of precision, we checked the statistics of these two great scorers. In reality, CR7 managed to pass the helm of the 50 goals all competitions confounded over 5 seasons in a row, and the legendary Spaniard scored his 228 goals in La Liga (top scorer in the history of the Casa Blanca right now) in 16 years. 

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