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Cristiano Ronaldo doubts the performance of Real Madrid?

According to a part of the Spanish press, the master to play Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo would doubt the performance of his team. He would have thought he could earn more titles since his arrival in 2009.

Cristiano Ronaldo would not be so happy to evolve within the dream armada of Real Madrid. If one believes the journalists of a famous Spanish daily, the Portuguese star would have doubts about the ability of the Casa Blanca to initiate a long phase of success in major competitions. Since his arrival at the Merengue in 2009, the former Manchester United player has only raised a trophy of Spanish champions. Yet the dazzling CR7 has done everything to help his fellows with his 219 achievements in La Liga.
The famous newspaper Marca has published a real dossier on a conversation that would have taken place between Florentino Perez, president of Real Madrid, and Cristiano Ronaldo. During his exchange with his boss, the Lusitanian would have asked him for the future objectives of the Merengue, in order to understand the sports project. CR7 would like to be sure to keep his feet in a competitive team, who does not want to fall asleep on his laurels after his coronation in the Champions League of 2014. CRI-Cree would also have confided to Perez that he would have liked more support after the controversy of his birthday party, dating from the aftermath of a defeat scathing against Atlético (0-4). 

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