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Cristiano Ronaldo: Why he could leave Real Madrid

Despite its incredible performance, Cristiano Ronaldo does not feel well treated to Real, which could push him to leave the club.

Since early January, despite statistics still stratospheric, Cristiano Ronaldo is experiencing a difficult time. Polemics, lack of results, difficult relations with Florentino Perez, Ronaldo has big on the potato. First of all, his birthday party. Cristiano Ronaldo had celebrated in great pomp his 30 years and had invited for the occasion the Colombian singer Kevin Roldan. Problem, the party was organized only a few hours after the rout of Real face to its rival Atlético Madrid on the score without a call from 4 to 0. This jump caused the lightning of the Madrid supporters who went after CR7. Cristiano had a very bad experience of the lack of solidarity of his president who quickly put himself on the side of the supporters. Icing on the cake, the little phrase of pique “Thank you Kevin Roldan with you all started” pronounced during the celebration of the title of Barça has finished exasperating CR7. First break. Second break, the arrival of Rafa bless to replace Carlo Ancelotti. Again, Ronaldo had done his best to Florentino Perez to keep the Italian. New failure. 
The third reason is the bad treatment reserved by the management to the former Iker Casillas and Sergio Ramos who strongly disliked CR7 who clearly showed them his support. Two players with whom he maintains a very good relationship. He also said that he feared that he would also be in the future put at the door in a household despite his years of service. Finally, CR7 would have the feeling of not being listened to by his leaders who would like to make him a player in number 9 against his opinion, the dismissal of Ancelotti there again contrary to his recommendations and finally the treatment of favor according to him lavished on Gareth Bale. All this makes that Cristiano does not feel well at 100% to Real, which could open the door to a start as early as this summer. Cristiano Ronaldo himself would consider leaving the club. Do you think there are enough reasons to leave the Real?

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