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Cristiano Ronaldo: Why Barca does not need him?

The former boss of Barça’s Joan the Porta, candidate for the Catalan club’s presidential campaign, said he had no desire to see Cristiano Ronaldo with the Blaugrana jersey.

This week, Cristiano Ronaldo was once again a topic of conversation much appreciated by fans of the round ball world. In the recent interviews, CR7 did not receive only flowers. On the contrary. The triple Golden Ball was also dried tackled by Dani Alves, who prefers the “divine” Messi to the Portuguese hard worker. Joan, a candidate for the FC Barcelona presidential election, decided to show her banner in the colours of Argentina. 

I think Cristiano Ronaldo is good at Real Madrid, and we appreciate the fact of having the best player in the world, who is Lionel Messi, entrusted the former boss of the Blaugrana, present at a Europa Press event. That’s right, why do you want the star Lusitanian while the best footer on the planet is already in its ranks? Well maybe to create a duo as bright as it is historical. At this level, it is a dream. But these dreams, she would apparently not want to imagine them.

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