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Cristiano Ronaldo touched by a prickly joke

Cristiano Ronaldo would be bored by his adventure at Real Madrid. Tired of the treatment he was subjected to, he would consider flying to other skies … and a recent sting joke would have revived some of his wounds. Melty tells you more.

He’s sick of it. Cristiano Ronaldo would be more than tired of the treatment that is reserved for him in Spain, by the media and by his club, Real Madrid. If the Portuguese went on vacation to the Bahamas history to recharge, the resentment to the club merengue would be tenacious, if we rely on the recent words published by the newspaper Madrid AS. Indeed, CR7 would feel that Real did not support it enough in the turmoil … Yesterday we explained to you why Cristiano Ronaldo could leave Real Madrid. Indeed, the whimsical Portuguese striker was released by his leadership, who never publicly supported him after photos of him celebrating his birthday were published on February 7. It was just after the widely lost encounter with Atletico Madrid (0-4). A prickly joke has revived these painful memories.
On June 7, when Barca celebrated its treble with its fans, Pique embarked on a small speech … “And by the way, thanks to Kevin Roldan, thanks to whom it all began”. Kevin Roldan is the man who publicly disclosed the photos of the birthday of Cristiano Ronaldo … Pique felt that the fall of the Real, which consecrated Barca, had begun that evening. A joke that hurt Cristiano Ronaldo, because he blames the Madrid leaders for letting this speech anchor in the minds. Indeed, they kept silent following the publication of these famous photos, which were used to question the implication of Portuguese in the Madrid project. The Spanish press has since been fiercely on him, to the point that CR7 does not even answer him anymore. The only time he did it was at the beginning of the month to tell the media: “Leave me alone!” A cry from the heart that will not have spared Cristiano Ronaldo. Exhausted from being at the center of criticism and being accused of the decline of Real Madrid this season despite his 48 goals in La Liga, he could leave the Merengue ship in the coming weeks. What do you think of this story?

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