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Cristiano Ronaldo selfish after Dani Alves!

Dani Alves really does not have the tongue in his pocket. The international Auriverde of FC Barcelona has said all the evil that he thought of the selfishness of Cristiano Ronaldo.

No wood, no hidden. The language of Dani Alves does not fork, and it distils frank words. Proof is with the latest statements by Lionel Messi’s teammate at FC Barcelona. Faced with Brazilian journalists, the 32-year-old player explained why he was not a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo. The personality of the Portuguese does not visibly layer with the values of football played by Dani Alves. 

“There are things I don’t admire about Cristiano Ronaldo because I play for the team,” entrusted the altruistic lateral Brazilian right, on the plateau of Bola da Vez, a show aired on ESPN Brasil. “I think my team is more important than me.” I think the only thing that matters is the collective. While we celebrated our titles, he celebrated his pichichi. The excesses of CR7 rage during the last days of Liga are obviously not unnoticed in Catalonia.

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