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Cristiano Ronaldo now has a galaxy in his name

A galaxy discovered by a Portuguese astronomer bears the name of CR7, the nickname of Cristiano Ronaldo.

In the last few days, an umpteenth rumor would send Cristiano Ronaldo to PSG. This time, according to the sports daily the team, it would be for 2016: The PSG will then be rid of its financial fair play problems. And at 31, the Real Madrid wingman may well have cravings for that matter, he who has been at the merengue since 2009 now … Far from these considerations football, a team of astronomers would have decided to name a galaxy of the same nickname as the Portuguese star: a very distant galaxy discovered very recently would now bear the name of CR7! Attention, there was no homage to the former Manchester United player: Indeed, the name given to this galaxy would have only purely scientific origins. Finally, officially.

This very distant galaxy, the brightest ever recorded, was discovered by the astronomical team of the Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences led by David Sobral (a professor of origin … Portuguese). And according to the Portuguese newspaper DN Ciência, CR7 would find its origin in the abbreviation of COSMOS (the area where the galaxy was discovered) and of Redshift 7 (a measure that indicates the distance separating the Earth from the galaxy). The contraction of this information would inevitably CR7. Then? Real scientific reason? National favoritism? Or a simple coup de com ‘ to talk about this discovery? Always is it that everyone knows the egocentricity of Cristiano Ronaldo. He still declared yesterday that he wanted to be the best. And it is not with this news that it should change, quite the contrary … Why was this galaxy named CR7 according to you?

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