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Cristiano Ronaldo is “very happy” at Real Madrid

While Real Madrid lives a hectic summer and is about to lose some of its executives, Cristiano Ronaldo assures a Bola that he will stay at the club because he feels happy there.

Yesterday, you were part of the call of Cristiano Ronaldo to Sergio Ramos to stay in Real Madrid. Visibly worried about the turn of the Madrid Mercato, the Portuguese striker would like to make sure that the best players on the team do not leave the club. There is nothing he can control, except his own destiny. So will he be brought to leave? Not at all, confirms the person concerned. Asked by the Portuguese sports newspaper a Bola, Cristiano Ronaldo wished to put an end to the rumors about his ill-being and reaffirmed that he would remain well at the Real Madrid, the “Best Club of the world” according to him, and that he felt very happy.

“I am very happy” he said, before adding: “I have not spoken to the press lately, I make an exception to repeat that all the rumors concerning me are false.” “They only serve to create conflicts between me and the club.” These are statements that should reassure the supporters of Real Madrid, who are afraid to see Sergio Ramos spinning to Manchester United. If one believes the main concerned, Cristiano Ronaldo will therefore always be Madrid next season, but with whom? It is recalled that Benitez intends to use it as a leading attacker, at the expense of Benzema … Does Cristiano Ronaldo hide his ill-being to reassure the supporters of Real?

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