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Cristiano Ronaldo, Di Maria, Pogba … Transfers, the MTP will be able to let go!

Free from the constraints of Financial Fair play, PSG will finally be able to launch its mercato. And inevitably, he’s going to want big fish. Very big. Review Tour of the players who are interested in the club of the capital.

The PSG can breathe a big blow. With the lifting of the UEFA sanctions as part of the Financial Fair play, the capital club now has a real leeway to launch major offensives in the transfer market. The first dossier that should be “awakened” by the return to the business of a PSG hitherto very discreet during this mercato, it is the one that concerns Cristiano Ronaldo. It is known that Portuguese is no longer in the smell of holiness lately on the hard side Madrid, even if Cristiano Ronaldo claimed very happy in Real a few days ago. Very criticised by the press, little supported by its leaders, disappointed by the departure of Rafael Benitez, Portuguese is the Parisian dream, and the lifting of financial fair play makes it (partially) feasible.
Obviously, the dossier looks very complicated, but the PSG wants to dream bigger, so … More affordable, the Angel Di Maria file. We know the PSG interested in the talented Argentine since last year. Paris had even found an agreement with El Fideo, but had not been able to conclude the transfer precisely because of the financial fair play. A year later, the Argentine did not seduce anyone on the side of Manchester United, and could leave the English club for 50 million euros. At this price, it is almost a gift for a PSG with untied feet and fists. The dossier Paul Pogba, on the other hand, seems totally impossible. If the PSG had made the middle a priority a little over a month ago, the club of the capital is now totally distanced by Barca on the record. Pogba could also be transferred to FC Barcelona for 2016.
Other transfers could be activated or reactivated. The PSG has already missed Arda Turan, who will sign to FC Barcelona or Chelsea, Gundogan, who extended to Dortmund, or even Tevez, who decided to return to Argentina, the Boca juniors. But Paris keeps an eye on several players who will animate the market in the next few weeks. The names of the sparkling circles Miralem Pjanic and Kevin De das should appear on many occasions in the column transfers of the capital club in the coming days. The Parisian leaders finally dream of enlisting Neymar, but the dossier seems totally impossible to conclude at the present time in view of the importance that the Brazilian begins to take at Barça. Who would you like to see signed in Paris in the next few weeks?

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