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Real Madrid: Transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo, Manchester United abandons

Determined to bring back Cristiano Ronaldo, Manchester United would have abandoned this idea against the amount exorbitant requested by Real Madrid.

This summer, Manchester United and Real Madrid have often exchanged to negotiate some transfers, more a sense than in the other … From Gea, Sergio Ramos, Karim Benzema, Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo are so many names that have circulated between the two clubs, but for the moment nothing has been done, and nothing should be done. The last one was obviously the rumor around Cristiano Ronaldo, which Manchester United would like to bring back. Only here, in the theatre of Dreams that is Old Trafford, the greatest of these dreams should not come true. Indeed, the Sun announced today that the Red Devils would have abandoned the idea of having the Portuguese star sign this summer.

The reason? The exorbitant price requested by Real Madrid. Not crazy, the Madrid leaders had fixed the amount of the transfer to 120 million euros. A much too high amount for Manchester United, which has already spent a lot of money on the market this summer. The British newspaper therefore announced that the’s club was now resigned and would look into other ways to strengthen their attack. In particular, Louis van Gaal explained that he would like to sign the look-alike of Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United, if it existed … Meanwhile, the Mancunians supporters are still waiting for this surprise attacker mentioned by the Dutch technician. Do you think Cristiano Ronaldo will return to Manchester United in the future?

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