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Real Madrid: Cristiano Ronaldo or Sergio Ramos, to whom the armband?

Iker Casillas gone, Real Madrid must find himself a new captain. To convince him to stay, Florentino Perez could nominate Sergio Ramos to the detriment of Cristiano Ronaldo.

A page turned to Real Madrid with the departure of Iker Casillas to FC Porto. The emblematic goalkeeper of the Casa Blanca was also the captain. Thus, the Merengue locker room is found without a designated captain. Traditionally, in Real Madrid, the capitant has to return to the oldest player of the squad, which is not other than Marcelo, the Brazilian left side. Only here it seems that the Madrid staff is ready to twist the tradition for the good cause. Indeed, in the first time, Cristiano Ronaldo never hid his wish to become the first foreign player to become captain of Real. An idea that was very pleasing to Florentino Perez, ready to reward his player triple gold ball in the most symbolic way.
Only here, Florentino Perez should finally revise his plans to the detriment of the Portuguese star. Indeed, the vague of Sergio Ramos of real Madrid for Manchester United Push the president of real, booed by the Socios at the farewell of San Iker, to do everything to convince his defender to stay. Thus, he would have in the idea of proposing the captain’s armband to Sergio Ramos to show him all the consideration that the club has towards him, failing to provide him with the salary he wants. In any case, if Sergio Ramos becomes the new captain of Real Madrid, it could be a bad blow to be suffered for the ego of Cristiano Ronaldo who dreamed of wearing the armband. Who should be the future captain of Real Madrid in your opinion?

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