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PSG: Transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo, a new offer of 120 million euros

According to several Arab media, the PSG has launched an offensive for Cristiano Ronaldo, proposing 120 million euros to Real Madrid.

Relieved of the constraints of the financial Fairplay, the PSG can finally agitate the transfer market. While the transfer of Angel Di Maria to PSG is imminent, the Parisian club does not stop there and still dreams of bringing Cristiano Ronaldo. It is a secret of the past, the Qatari leaders share this dream since they took control of the club and as much as to say that they have ample means. Today, you have joined several Arab media, to make its one, by advancing that the PSG has transmitted a very big offer to Real Madrid for the Portuguese star. An estimated offer of EUR 120 million, which would obviously correspond to the most expensive transfer of history …
However, the Spanish daily seems to know that this offer was simply rejected by Florentino Perez, the Madrid president. Already under pressure in relation to the future of Sergio Ramos in Real Madrid, it would seem unthinkable that Perez agrees to sell the triple gold ball, under contract until 2018. In this case, the president of Real Madrid would have replied to Nasser Al-Khelaïfi that he was waiting for an offer of one billion euros to convince him. Of course, this billion will never be offered by the PSG … So to say that PSG can always dream … Do you think that PSG will be able to recruit Cristiano Ronaldo in the years to come?

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