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Manchester United: Transfer, Cristiano Ronaldo still in the viewfinder

Decidedly, Manchester United still dreams of making Cristiano Ronaldo come back. The Manchester evening News indicates that the leaders are working on the possibility of recruiting him.

Six years ago, Real Madrid bought Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United for a record amount of 94 million euros. An astronomical sum for a player who was, at the time, just golden ball for the first time. Since then, the Portuguese star has never ceased to rise in power, donning goals like beads, imposing itself as one of the best players in history. Currently, if it seems inconceivable to see CR7 leaving the Casa Blanca, the Red Devils have not abandoned the idea of getting him back to the club. When we know that Cristiano Ronaldo remains very attached to Manchester United and his supporters, dreams are allowed.

In any case, according to the Manchester evening News, the Red Devils are currently working on the file and the possibility of getting it back. The daily’s also advances that this return to Old Trafford could lead to the most expensive transfer of history, far ahead of the 75 million euros disbursed for Angel Di Maria, which is closer to the PSG. If the Portuguese striker will probably not be insensitive to this interest, Real Madrid should retain its star, at least for this summer. However, there is no doubt that Manchester United, who is trying to recruit Sergio Ramos, will try to lure him to every mercato … Do you see Cristiano Ronaldo coming back to Manchester United?

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