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Cristiano Ronaldo: Van Gaal would like to sign his clone

Although he assured that the return of Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United was a miracle, Louis van Gaal, manager of the Red Devils, wants to sign a player of the same caliber.

As we explained in a recent article, Manchester United still has the ambition to formalize the arrival of a star of the round ball in its ranks. It is even Louis van Gaal in person who has echoed this desire. Questioned by British Telegraph journalists, the Dutch technician assured him that he was aiming for “a player capable of transforming a match”. Facing the BBC microphone, it was even more accurate, confident that he would like to make an agreement with a clone of CR7. Melty tells you more.

“Ronaldo is the type of player Manchester needs.” “He’s a fantastic player, I love a lot,” said the old Oranje selector, before going down to earth. “When it is possible to buy, at a reasonable price, players of this level, we must do so because they can contribute to make the team better.” Ronaldo? It may come, but it is not possible. Why not? Because he has a club, because it’s Ronaldo and then because we are Manchester United and we have to see how much Manchester United can spend.

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