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Cristiano Ronaldo took a mega rake!

Aline Lima, Australian top-model would have refused the very direct advances of Cristiano Ronaldo, present in Australia for a tournament with his club.

This is a new one that will give (a bit) of balm to the hearts of turned lovers. Cristiano Ronaldo whose abs ignite a Japanese TV show galley outside the field. According to the Daily Mirror, the Portuguese was made down by Aline Lima, Australian top-model of twenty-two years after being a little too pressing. CR7 who participated in a summer tour in Australia with Real would have been contacted by the young woman on Instagram, asking him if he had received the letter from his boyfriend, fan of the player. That’s when CR7 would have slipped. The latter would have asked Aline Lima: “Can I have a picture when you’re in the gym?” What the young woman would have said, “No, my boyfriend would not be happy.” What the Real player would have responded emphatically, “No one will know baby.” “I will not show them to anyone.” In the Face of the refusal of the young woman, Cristiano Ronaldo, somewhat confused, would have replied “seriously?”.
But that’s not all and the conversation would have continued on what’s app, still unsuccessful for the Portuguese despite its proposition of a free place for the game against Manchester City. Visibly very much in love, Aline Lima would have asked the former Manchester player if his boyfriend, a very fan of the player, could meet him. Here’s the answer: “Yes my beautiful but it’s difficult.” “I don’t want to meet this guy, I want to see you.” Cristiano Ronaldo is known to be a womanizer, which ended his relationship with Irina Shayk, the latter unable to bear to be humiliated in this way. Since then, Cristiano would have flirted with more than a dozen women. In addition to annoying his teammates, Cristiano Ronaldo also annoys women, times are hard. Do you think Cristiano should have stayed with Irina Shayk?

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