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Cristiano Ronaldo responds to Mourinho by stats!

After asserting that Cristiano Ronaldo had been below Eden Hazard last season, José Mourinho may have realized his error of judgement with the statistical analysis of the Daily Mail.

Just like most fans of Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo, the journalists of the British daily Daily Mail were surprised to learn that José Mourinho place CR7 below Eden Hazard with regard to the benefits of the past season. In order to restore the reality, the tabloid decided to compare the statistics of the two players, not forgetting to list their titles gleaned during the exercise 2014-2015 (a very expensive argument in the eyes of the Portuguese technician of Chelsea). The result is edifying.
In terms of impact in the results of the Casa Blanca, the international Lusitanian overclasses the Belgian (61 goals against 19 achievements for the former Lillois). The comparative published by the Daily Mail did not forget to mention the Cree-Cree (21, 11 for Eden), as well as the sacraments in European Supercup and the world Championship of clubs. For his part, Hazard won the English Championship and the Capital One Cup. Not enough to say that Eden has achieved a better season than CR7. 

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