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Cristiano Ronaldo opposes the transfer of Ibrahimovic to Real!

No.! Cristiano Ronaldo vetoed the eventual transfer of Ibrahimovic to Real Madrid. Pear him, it would be a huge shock.

We know, Don Cristiano does not like competition. In his team, he wants to be the king, that his teammates play for him, that his coach gives him carte blanche, that his president pays him handsomely, and that the journalists are silent. However, the eventual arrival of Ibrahimovic to Real Madrid could threaten the beautiful Ronaldo kingdom. The Portuguese has already taken the lead and given the order to its agent, Jorge Mendes, to do everything to prevent the transfer of the Swedish giant to the Spanish capital. CR7 ‘s arguments? The arrival of Ibrahimovic would cause an improbable shock in the locker room and divide it as never. A chaos that wants to avoid CR7. The former’s surely remembers the more than complicated cohabitation between Lionel Messi and Ibra when he wore the Blaugrana jersey. Only two years after his arrival, Messi had lobbied to dismiss the champion. Cristiano Ronaldo Ronaldo who is not the best player in the world to bless has therefore warned: he will veto the transfer of Ibra. Yet Real would not be against such a transfer.

We talked about this last week, the PSG would have set the price for the transfer of Ibrahimovic to EUR 5.5 million. If Milan AC and Inter Milan are already up to the niche, Real sees the opportunity to buy a top level player for such a small sum. Rafa Bless also greatly appreciates the player but in the face of the veto of His Majesty CR7, this transfer becomes almost impossible as it is important for the Real to spare his star, already disturbed by the departures of Ancelotti and Casillas. This transfer could be the drop of water that has overflowed the vase of a Ronaldo more than annoyed since the end of the season. Do you think Ibra’s arrival in Real would be a good idea?

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