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Cristiano Ronaldo: “My father has always been there for me”

Cristiano Ronaldo came back on his childhood and his dreams of footballer in an interview for Herbalife.

Once is not custom, Cristiano Ronaldo who annoys his teammates has abandoned his arrogance to remember his early years as a footballer in an interview for Herbalife. He confided that he dared not dream of becoming a professional footballer. When he was little, he spent hours playing football in his village on the island of Madeira until he knew his first club at the age of six. “In my family we all love football, I remember one day when I was playing on the street and my father asked me: ‘ Why don’t you train at the club when I go to work? ‘” I said, ‘ Yes, why not? ‘ And that’s how I started to play. It is in this small club that the future triple Ballon d’or will make its weapons: “I was going to train every day and I liked to be part of the team.” “My father was always there to help me.” In the course of training, little Cristiano felt that he had something more, without imagining himself doing his job: “At first I felt that I was different from other children.” I never thought I would get to be professional. Nor arrive at Manchester United, Real Madrid or sporting. 
At the time, I just wanted to enjoy and it didn’t go through my head that I had talent. “At first I didn’t think of that.” It is only with the time that the young man realized that he could become a talented player: after three or four years, I started to tell myself, I want to play there. “And I started watching all the games and dreaming of wearing that shirt.” After his departure at Manchester United at 18, Cristiano Ronaldo benefited from the very valuable advice of Sir Alex Ferguson who is considered a mentor by the Portuguese. In the club, the career of Cristiano Ronaldo is only success, the heart side, he does not always know the same success as evidenced by the rake he recently took by an Australian model. What do you think of Cristiano Ronaldo?

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