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Cristiano Ronaldo: His blind pass confusing against Milan!

Even though the last game of the International Champions Cup in China, between Real Madrid and AC Milan (0-0, 10-9 T.A. b), has not kept up all its promises, Cristiano Ronaldo has concocted a delicious pass.

In the official game, not sure he would have tried that one. Yesterday, during the preparation meeting between Real Madrid and AC Milan (0-0, 10-9 T.A. b), in Shanghai, Cristiano Ronaldo managed a gesture as daring as puzzling. Bertolacciapplication still remembers. The front-center of the Lombards was in the first boxes to understand what had just happened: a blind pass filled with Vista. With the video below, you will realize the beauty of the skills of CR7.
We understand better why Cristiano Ronaldo was elected man of the match … Already rewarded with this honorary title against Manchester City (Victory 4-1 of the Madrid), the Master of the Portuguese selection has flaunted his technical talents, under the astonishing eyes of the Chinese supporters. And his little festival began from the 5th minute with another backheel dumbfounded performed at the edge of the sideline, in the midfield. 

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