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Cristiano Ronaldo: Here’s why he left his last interview!

The video of Cristiano Ronaldo leaving a recent interview organized by CNN went around the canvas in a few minutes. But if we look at the interview as a whole, we understand better why CR7 has stung his crisis.

Last Saturday, Cristiano Ronaldo may not have had such an exaggerated reaction by stopping his interview on the American television channel CNN. While his attitude could first seem totally displaced, it would seem that the Portuguese international was trapped by the reporter in charge of the interview. Andrés Oppenheimer has been very insistent on the issues relating to the scandal that erupted within FIFA.

While the captain of the Portuguese selection had come to promote his new line of audio headphones, CNN reporter took advantage of this moment to question him about corruption in the higher FIFA spheres. Immediately, the star of the Real was robbed, and said she had nothing to do with this story that was widely debated on the television sets.

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