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Cristiano Ronaldo annoys his teammates!

The Real Madrid dressing room complains about the favor treatments granted by bless Cristiano Ronaldo.

There is water in the gas in the Real Madrid locker room. The cause? The privileges granted to His Majesty Cristiano Ronaldo who, in addition to deciding the recruitment of his club, is dispensed with defensive tasks. And it is Rafael bless in person who decreed it. A decision that annoys Ronaldo teammates who are already complaining about this favor treatment, especially since the former Liverpool coach has asked several Real Madrid players for additional efforts to compensate for the absence of Cristiano in defense. No matter how tired you are, you have to preserve the nugget at the expense of the collective. It was Gareth Bale who was most critical of this decision, especially since he was the one who had to make efforts to CR7 and came out worn out of the meeting against AC Milan. Bless is not the only one to have granted such a privilege to Cristiano. His predecessor Ancelotti also told Cristiano that he could limit his defensive efforts. A situation which had already complained of Gareth Bale.

But Bale is not the only one to pay for Cristiano. The attackers Benzema, Isco, Lucas Vasquez, James and Jesé must abide by the following rule: Who is closest to the position that Ronaldo should occupy in defense will be responsible for doing the work of CR7. Since Rafa’s arrival at Real, it EstCristiano Ronaldo, supported by the real Madrid boss, who has taken his hand on the locker room and his teammates are starting to rise against his privileges. The cohabitation that has already experienced incidents may be complicated throughout the season and what is sure is that in the event of an open conflict between the two, Benitez will have to pack his bags. In the wonderful kingdom of Real Madrid, it’s Cristiano the king. Do you think CR7 should be privileged?

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