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Cristiano Ronaldo and his little nervous breakdown in training

It takes to awaken the oversized ego of Cristiano Ronaldo. Marca’s journalists were able to realize this by attending a training session in CR7, Australia.

Before flying to China, in order to compete in the International Champions Cup, Real Madrid had put his suitcases in Australia. Sergio Ramos ‘ stooges trained in the AAMI Park in Melbourne, under a blazing sun. But it is not the sweltering heat that has made Cristiano Ronaldo crisis. Competitor as ever, CR7 got mad as never when one of his goals was denied due to offside. He would not even want to continue the collective session with his partners. 
The video above speaks for itself. The triple ball of gold, totally annoyed at not having known how to score his goal, preferred to take off his jumper to go to do a specific training with Luka Modric, rather than to continue the small opposition against Arleloa and others. The journalists of the Spanish daily Marca, present to immortalize the event, did not believe their eyes. And obviously, no one has tried to resonate with the Portuguese, or to cheer him up. Maybe it could have been worse …

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