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Real Madrid VS Valerenga (0-0): The fault of Cristiano Ronaldo?

Dominating but ineffective, Real Madrid was held in check against the modest Norwegian club of Valerenga (0-0) yesterday in Oslo. Rafael Benitez thinks that the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo is for many.

Despite a willingness that leapt to the eyes, the players of Real Madrid failed to bring back a success of the lawn of Valerenga, yesterday in the preparation match (0-0). In front of the Norwegian club which won its last title in 2008 (coupe), the teammates of Gareth Bale did not achieve their great domination. Certainly a little frustrated, Rafael Benitez spoke to the journalists after the meeting. According to him, Cristiano Ronaldo could have changed everything if he had been present. That’s right Rafa, didn’t you forget Benzema by any chance?

“It’s a friendly match but the team could have scored, we missed the precision,” analyzed the former Napoli coach, in a press conference. “I’m not at 100% satisfied, although we still have a margin of progression.” The pressing and recovery of the ball were positive, as did the fact of getting opportunities. The attack? We have to think of the fact that we lacked players. The most important player and the one who scored the most goals for this team was not there. But there are still positive things. ยป also find out how Cristiano Ronaldo surprised a player from AC Milan with a sublime blind pass. What do you think of Benitez?

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