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GTA V: High-and low-resolution PC-Version comparison!

High or low resolution, what does that change? Few things if not for pure visual pleasure. You will not say the same thing by watching these screenshots from the PC version of GTA V!

This may sound crazy at first, but more than a single day goes by without hearing about the grand GTA V. A real media machine, the title of Rockstar Games tracks the appearances on the web, whether through news or through unpublished videos on YouTube. Imagine two seconds what it gives when Cristiano Ronaldo of FIFA 16 invites himself in GTA v. Yes, the views fly and the counter on the site of the Coca-Cola Happiness Gaming Club is on the brink of the explosion! Such success does not necessarily go unnoticed and this is all the more strengthened since April 2015, when the open world was born on PC. Mods, online robberies, long trips to the streets of Los Santos, … are just as many elements making the charm of this action game in open world. The graphics also have their say, the latter being an integral part of this crazy adventure. So, is there a real difference between high and low resolution on the PC version of GTA V?

Although Iron Man is unbeatable in a mod of GTA V, the superhero with golden armor is far from making the weight in front of the next opponent. Yes, the latter must face a formidable enemy …. screenshots. AHH, you didn’t expect that? Pity dear friends! It is through Bean_Petrol, member of the site, that we were able to get our hands on exclusive images of the game. A high-and low-resolution comparison of the PC version of GTA V is made and the finding is without appeal. You’d have to be blind to not see it! Shiny effects on car bodies, grass on the ground, better water rendering, increased light effects, … Generally speaking, the environments want to be more fine, more worked and necessarily more beautiful in high resolution. Although the title remains very enticing in low, depriving yourself of such visual pleasure would be a pity especially if you have the machine to make it run in maximum resolution. In conclusion, nice pictures that make you want to go for a little ride in the streets of Los Santos! What do you think about these screenshots? Is the graphic difference obvious to you?

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