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GTA V: Cristiano Ronaldo takes a vacation in Los Santos!

Cristiano Ronaldo comes out of the Fifa stadiums to take a relaxing holiday in Los Santos. Program? Make a show with a balloon, scare the local population, we adhere!

GTA V has seen a lot of comic videos created by the talented fans who make up the famous imitated community never equalled. Among these videos, we were able to discover many superheroes such as Iron-Man who set fire to Los Santos in GTA V. Recreating cult characters from movies or series-like the breaking Bad scene recreated in GTA V-in the Rockstar Games blockbuster is a real fashion in the gaming world and proves to us that the talent and imagination of the fans has absolutely no limit. Superheroes, chemists, drug dealers are pretty good, and what about sportsmen? A YouTuber deserving of our eternal respect has applied to rectify the situation and has recreated a football star in GTA V. A few clues: handsome, tall, brown, does that mean anything to you?

Who has never dreamed of seeing Cristiano Ronaldo pacing the streets of Los Santos? The TheFifa11videos YouTuber has fulfilled your dream and has fully animated the football star on Cinema4D without using any mod! Among all the small fan-made videos of GTA V, this one is definitely the favorite of the Coca-Cola Happiness Gaming Club. Scare the girls on the beach with the “SIIIIIII” become legendary of Cristiano? Ride like a madman with a car sporting a huge Real logo? Make a cliff-top, make a selfie with Los Santos in the background, visit the strip clubs, nothing stops The Prodigy of the balloon that sets the fire to the emblematic city of GTA v. Hope that the tradition continues with GTA VI whose release date is at the center of the rumors … What did you think of Cristiano Ronaldo in GTA V?

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