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FIFA 16: Top 10 of the best players in the game!

The elite of world football will be assembled very soon in FIFA 16. But what are the top ten players in the game? Who is in the first place? Answer through this new TOP 10 exclusive!

Just as was the case with the previous opus of the series, the new episode of the series FIFA prepares its arrival in fanfare and is on all fronts at this time. A wide communication campaign is carried out on the part of Electronic Arts in order to promote the close release of its foal. This is an obvious, the title is extremely expected …. even Cristiano Ronaldo of FIFA 16 who has invited on GTA 5, can no longer wait! In a few weeks so players will have the opportunity to take part in intense matches in the company of the world football elite. Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Eden Hazard, Neymar, …. and other great stars will soon make their entrance on the lawn to put us in full view. A string of wonders, so far all is well. It would be nice though to share them and have a glimpse of who will be the best of them you do not believe? It’s good, the Coca-Cola Happiness Gaming Club had the brilliant idea of setting up a new Top 10, dedicated this time to the best FIFA 16 players according to the predicted notes so far. 

Let’s discover this together!

  • 10. Andres Iniesta-88
  • 9. Sergio Aguero-88
  • 8. Eden Hazard-89
  • 7. Arjen Robben-89
  • 6. Neymar-89
  • 5. Ibrahimovic-89
  • 4. Manuel Neuer-90
  • 3. Luis Suarez-90
  • 2. Cristiano Ronaldo-90
  • 1. Lionel Messi-94

Since the top 10 of the young players who will be overestimated on FIFA 16 was born yesterday, you are now informed of the best of the game. For several weeks, the predictions of notes attributed to the stars of the round balloon circulate on the canvas. This is no longer the shadow of a doubt: the elite of world football is mentioned and assembled in the ranking above! Let us say it right away, there is nothing surprising to see the names of the elements appearing on the first three steps of the podium. The Uruguyan Luis Suarez and the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, respectively, share the 3rd and 2nd place, with each, an honorable score of 90 points. Very nice notes for these players whose level of play will hurt, very badly ingame. Who is he now? Ahh Yes, we almost forgot … It was Lionel Messi, the little Argentine, who seized 1st place with a total of 94 points to his credit. A very high note, which shows not only the high level of the footballer, but which also digs the gap vis-à-vis his Portuguese rival, Cristiano Ronaldo. Nothing quite surprising in the end, but one thing is sure is that the level will be particularly noted in FIFA 16. You will even have to be wary of the German goalkeeper, Manuel Neuer, you never know! So go on 24 September 2015 to take control of these round ball buffs. What is your opinion about this top 10 of the best FIFA 16 players?

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