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Cristiano Ronaldo: Real Madrid says no to Cavani to protect it?

Rafael Benitez is apparently not ready to give orders to Edinson Cavani from the bench of Real Madrid. The president of the Casa Blanca Florentino Perez would refuse to negotiate the transfer of the Uruguayan in order to preserve Cristiano Ronaldo.

As a pro-Real Madrid media, as is the source of several news that gravitates around Santiago Bernabeu. The latest one is about the future lining of Karim Benzema, hoped for by Rafael Benitez. The tactician of the Casa Blanca wants to place his tricoloured scorer in a competitive situation, and would have thought of Edinson Cavani to take on this role. On the other hand, negotiations with the MTP should not even be initiated if the Iberian daily newspaper is believed. Florentino Perez’s fault. Melty tells you more. Also know that the star attacker of FC Barcelona, Luis Suarez, gave his opinion on the ambitions of his club.
In exemplary boss, the president of Real Madrid always reflects on the consequences of his actions. And looking at the design of Benitez more closely, it seems that he found a big black dot at the signing of Edinson Cavani. According to our Spanish colleagues, Perez would have a blue scare to see the Qatari decision makers of the PSG get closer to Cristiano Ronaldo if their relations with the Casa Blanca intensify. For now, he wants to take his distance with the league franchise 1. 

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