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Cristiano Ronaldo: Margot Robbie likes him!

According to some suspicious Instagram likes, Cristiano Ronaldo would rather be a fan of Margot Robbie … melty tells you more.

The Los Angeles FC wants Cristiano Ronaldo: This is in any case what the Daily Mirror says, which is convinced that the club that will integrate the MLS in 2018 would make the Portuguese star (as well as the attacking Manchester United Wayne Rooney) his franchise player. But this will be for the future. For now, the gold Ball 2015 is still under contract with Real Madrid. And the daily is a little morose: his club has just made a sad 0-0 against the modest Norwegians of Valerenga. And to console yourself, nothing like going to rinse a little eye on Instagram. This is what our dear Cristiano did, whose last passage on the famous social network has not gone unnoticed.

Indeed, as you can see above, the Portuguese has like 4 photos of a chick, and not just any: Margot Robbie. Margot who? But if, remember, the one who plays the girlfriend of Leonardo Di Caprio in the film The Wolf of Wall Street (and who will become it in real life thereafter) … After Irina Shayk, he obviously did not choose the ugliest. Except there’s a snag, and a big one: The actress is already up with Tom Ackerley, a assistant director. Poor Cristiano … Maybe he can console himself in the arms of his friend Cara Delevingne? Last May, Cristiano Ronaldo accompanied him to the F1 Grand Prix of Monaco. Perhaps he took the opportunity to make sure that this friendship evolves in love … Who do you think will end Cristiano Ronaldo?

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