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Cristiano Ronaldo is the most cohesive sportsman in the world!

The Athletes Gone Good website has established the ranking of the most cohesive athletes in the world, and it is Cristiano Ronaldo who arrives in the lead.

Who said Cristiano Ronaldo was an arrogant, selfish womanizer? Ok, if the first two statements are not false, the Portuguese is far from being selfish and knows how to help those who need it (we will forget some minutesl’île offered by Cristiano Ronaldo as a gift to his agent). More seriously, Cristiano Ronaldo has arrived at the top of the ranking of solidarity among the athletes established by the website athletes Gone Good. This year Cristiano Ronaldo gave $74 000 for the brain operation of a 10-year-old child. He also financed a cancer research centre in Portugal at a level of 150 000 euros. In addition, Cristiano is also a spokesperson for many causes, including hunger in the world and obesity. History of removing any suspense, there will be no traditional Ronaldo/Messi duel this time, since the Argentine does not even appear in the ranking. A ranking of 20 sports and sports where only three footballers appear. Besides Ronaldo, Neymar arrives in 5th place, notably thanks to his actions against Ebola and for access to drinking water in Brazil. tells you more.

American player Heather O’Reilly occupies 7th place, for her commitment to the Women’s Sport Foundation, a foundation that helps to improve the lives of girls and women through Sport. Apart from the round ball, we will note the presence of the wrestler John Cena in the 2nd place followed by the tennis Serena Williams. The basketball player Lebron James and the UFC fighter Ronda Rousey are respectively at the 6th and 14th place, while Shahid Afridi the cricketer closes the march in 20th position. There is a good way to establish this kind of classification, which makes it possible to check the old adage once more: “We must not rely on appearances”. Cristiano Ronaldo who could play PSG next season is in any case a fine example of solidarity, just like all other athletes in this ranking. Check out the complete list below. Are you surprised by this ranking?
  • 1. Cristiano Ronaldo (football)
  • 2. John Cena (wrestling)
  • 3. Serena Williams (tennis)
  • 4. Yu-Na Kim (skating)
  • 5. Neymar (football)
  • 6. LeBron James (basketball)
  • 7. Heather O’Reilly (football)
  • 8. Maria Sharapova (tennis)
  • 9. Mo’ne Davis (baseball)
  • 10. Richard Sherman (American football)
  • 11. Charlie White and Meryl Davis (skating)
  • 12. Dan Carter (rugby)
  • 13th Roman reigns (wrestling)
  • 14. Ronda Rousey (free fight)
  • 15. Lindsey Vonn (SKI)
  • 16. Tom Daley (trampoline)
  • 17. Bethany Hamilton (SURF)
  • 18. Sain Nehwal (badminton)
  • 19. Paul Rabil (lacrosse)
  • 20. Shahid Afridi (cricket)

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