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Cristiano Ronaldo: His sister soon to be a candidate for Eurovision?

The sister of the famous footballer could soon be brought to represent Portugal at the next edition of the Eurovision … melty tells you more.

Each year, it is the same thing: In the meantime, the magazines people scrutinize the slightest facts and gestures of the stars in the hope of finding a scoop and feeding their columns in crispy info, which you can quietly enjoy on the beach, between two sea baths. But while their favorite targets are usually rather the film actors or the singers, the footballers discover gradually the flip side of the star Status medal: After Benzema/Rihanna, it’s the turn of Cristiano Ronaldo, to whom Margot Robbie would like it. Except that this time, it is not the famous footballer who is concerned, but his sister: indeed, Katia Aveiro announced that she would like to represent Portugal in the next edition of the Eurovision.
At 38 years old, the one who was called Ronalda in her early days (and who now appears under her real surname Katia Aveiro) has already rolled her hump in the middle of the song: She who started her career in 2005, she is already the author of several singles, including “Boom sem Parar” In 2013, a piece signed by the producer RedOne , who has worked with Lady GaGa, Jennifer Lopez or Mylène Farmer. She has come to participate and to win the competition of the general Organisation of Eurovision lovers in Portugal thanks to her clip “Latina de Cuerpo y Alma” (which you can discover above). And after several calls to the votes launched on Twitter, she would like to represent Portugal in the next edition of Eurovision. Perhaps she will receive public support from her brother footballer. But first, Cristiano Ronaldo has to settle his problems with Rafael Benitez … Do you think she has the chance to win the Eurovision 2016?

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