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Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney on the same team?

Planned to integrate the MLS into 2018, the Los Angeles FC franchise is already planning to bring in Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney.

The MLS has definitely become the Eldorado of football stars in pre-retirement. From Pirlo to Gerrard, by way of Kaka, Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba, many of the old stars of the Continent have crossed the Atlantic to finish their careers. Others will surely follow them. A few days ago, it was Luis Suarez who confessed that he would like to finish his career in MLS, an ambition shared also by the Ibrahimovic. And what about Cristiano Ronaldo? For the moment, the Portuguese star is not yet in pre-retirement and beautiful years still waiting for Real Madrid. Only here, the triple gold ball would already be the number one target of a future franchise.
Indeed, the Los Angeles FC franchise will integrate the MLS into 2018 and has already planned its future prestige recruitment. According to the Daily Mirror, the Californian franchise, notably led by Magic Johnson, already has some recruiting leads, convinced that in 2018, the MLS will be even more noted. She would like to make Cristiano Ronaldo his “franchise player” around whom she could build. In addition, she would also consider recruiting Wayne Rooney, his former teammate at Manchester United. The British tabloid believes to know that the United States, and Los Angeles in particular, would be a great place for Cristiano Ronaldo, who invited himself in GTA V, to develop his brand image. Do you see Cristiano Ronaldo finishing his career in MLS?

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