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Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi: Mourinho takes them as an example to criticize Das

Two years ago, José Mourinho did not mourn the departure of Kevin de Das. Now in the Wolves of Wolfsburg, the Belgian is wreaking havoc, and sees its market value soaring. Mou doesn’t understand why.

Jose Mourinho certainly has something against Kevin De das. Something that displeases him strongly if we believe the recent words of the Chelsea tactician. When he had the Belgian under his command (season 2013-2014), he did not deem it necessary to convince him to stay, disappointed by his attitude to training. We learned more about the relationship that the current best player of Wolfsburg and the whimsical Portuguese coach had. Melty tells you more about the latest “Happy One” statements. Also know that the star attacker of FC Barcelona, Luis Suarez, gave his opinion on the ambitions of his club.

Persuaded that Das is not a “top player”, Mourinho does not understand why Manchester City wants to put 75 million euros on the table to enlist the Red Devil. “To what I hear, they are willing to pay for das the same price as any other club would pay for Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi,” said Mourinho in press conference. “I tell myself that we made a bad deal at the time by selling it for € 35 million in Wolfsburg.” But I know that if he had stayed here, he would not have had the same success. He’s a kid with a lot of quality, but he’s been practicing badly. 

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