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Manchester United: Transfer, an offer for Cristiano Ronaldo and Bale next summer?

Despite its tense relations with Real Madrid, Manchester United is still thinking of recruiting Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale next summer according to the Daily Mirror.

The transfer market has been over for a few days but this does not prevent the press from speculating on the next major operations for the next summer. And especially in England when there is a spending club like Manchester United. Failing to recruit a world-class player, Manchester United still put 80 million euros on the table for Anthony Martial … For next summer, the Red Devils will continue to make headlines since they have not abandoned the idea of bringing back Cristiano Ronaldo, and recruiting Gareth Bale from the Daily Mirror. Indeed, the British tabloid announces that the club’s prepares a big offensive with Real Madrid, with whom the relations have a little tension following the failure of the transfer of David de Gea.

Only, the Daily Mirror, citing a source close to the English “board”, indicates that the conflict stemming from this failure will not affect the future relationship between the two clubs, which will continue to negotiate among themselves. Of course, it seems hard to believe that Real Madrid will let MU buy its two most expensive players. In priority, the club’s could offer a colossal offer, between 100 and 150 million euros, to recruit Gareth Bale. At the same time, if Manchester United thinks it will be impossible to redeem Cristiano Ronaldo at Real, he would bet on another variable: his agreement with Rafa Benitez. Only here, to choose, Florentino Perez would have less scruples to separate from his coach rather than his triple gold ball. Do you think Real Madrid will resist Manchester United offers?

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