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Lionel Messi “needs Cristiano Ronaldo”, according to Kluivert

According to Patrick Kluivert, former Barca striker, Lionel Messi would not be as strong if he had a rival as powerful as Cristiano Ronaldo. An analysis that is being held.

Since the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid, his rivalry with Lionel Messi animates all the crowds. So much so that today there are them and the others. For the Pulga, the presence of such a rival in the same championship allowed him to increase his level of play and to align the performances of aliens. For Patrick Kluivert, a former Barca player who was converted to a consultant, Lionel Messi, who made Puyol mad at training, could never have reached such a level without the presence of an accomplished athlete like Ronaldo in front of him. In the columns of the Dutch sports magazine Voetbal Zone, Kluivert even advances that Messi needs Ronaldo: “Messi is in another dimension with his football, but I think he urgently need someone like Cristiano Ronaldo.” He needs someone who gives him something to see every game as a challenge. “Both players are world-class and level above the lot.”

The former star of the Oranje continues: “In Barcelona, now there is only one central player: Messi.” “In my day, there were several important players, but on the other hand, Messi is nothing without his teammates.” In any case, if Messi needs Cristiano Ronaldo, the opposite seems to be equally true. While the two stars of world football have not yet scored the slightest goal this season, Cristiano Ronaldo keeps at least the support of Carlo Ancelotti, his former coach, who sees him finishing top scorer of La Liga. We will see if Lionel Messi will hear him from this ear, he who has positioned himself to win his fifth Golden Ball in January next. Who is the best between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo?

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