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FIFA 16: Top 15 of the best game finishers!

While FIFA 16 only comes out in a few days, here we discover today the list of the top 15 game finishers. Do you have a little idea of who is in the first place?

Since the FIFA 16 demo is available, the sound of fans and players is heard in the stadiums. The whole community has eyes on the simulation of football n ° 1 around the world and takes advantage of this opportunity to discover all the subtleties of this new opus signed EA Sports. However, being a lambda player is no longer enough in FIFA 16. Once in front of the goals, you must know to be decisive in every action and be able to put it at the bottom of the nets! This is one of the reasons why you need to know the names of the top 15 game finishers. Your life against that of the porter depends on it, just like the score at the end of the game. So this is an obvious reason to know which player can make the difference at any time thanks to this new ranking established by the Coca-Cola Happiness Gaming Club. Who knows, perhaps the lucky scorer will express his joy as can be seen in this video tuto of FIFA 16 dedicated to the celebrations? To see if these finishers will be as successful at the official release of the game on September 24th. What do you think of this new ranking?

Top 15 Best finishers on FIFA 16

15. Fabio Quagliarella (85)
14. Jermain Defoe (85)
13th Alexandre Lacazette (85)
12. Robert Lewandowski (85)
11. Robin Van Persie (86)
10. Arjen Robben (86)
9. James Rodriguez (86)
8. Wayne Rooney (86)
7. Hulk (87)
6. Sergio Aguero (87)
5. Luis Suarez (88)
4. Lionel Messi (88)
3. Carlos Tevez (88)
2. Ibrahimovic (90)
1. Cristiano Ronaldo (93)

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