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Cristiano Ronaldo surprises his teammates in training!

As he makes écarquiller our eyes in the official game, Cristiano Ronaldo also performs exceptional gestures in training. In a recent session, he made a magical sequence.

Eternally dissatisfied, even when he performs brilliant performances, Cristiano Ronaldo never wants to go down in a diet. So when he doesn’t score for Real Madrid, or when he misses a duel, he gets angry. At the end of the day there is only the training that the Portuguese goes easy. He also uses his technique to make gestures that even his teammates do not understand. The last one is a sequence of precise jonges. It sounds easy when CR7 touches the leather, but melty challenges you to get there. Melty tells you more. You should also know that Manchester United Anthony Martial’s favourite was taken by Ruud Van Nistelrooy, the former centre of the Red Devils.

In four ball touches, Cristiano Ronaldo surprised all his merengue partners. The first, foot glued to the ground, allows him to lift the swell to chain on a juggle of the shoulder. It’s as effective as aesthetics. It’s called control, and it’s made to perfection by the captain of the Portuguese selection. The whole was made during a bull, and neither Luka Modric nor Raphael Varan wanted to interrupt Cri-Cree in his movement. Respect, no doubt. Also discover how Cristiano Ronaldo surprised a player from AC Milan with a sublime blind pass. What do you think of this pattern?

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