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Cristiano Ronaldo: Soon actor in a film by Martin Scorsese

The footballer will make an appearance in the next film by Martin Scorsese, “the manipulator”.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the alien according to Valdano knows how to do everything: score, pass, sprinter, tackle and also … Play the Comedy! If on the football grounds, the talents of CR7 ‘s actor are well known, they are less in the film world. Or rather not yet. Martin Scorsese, to whom the dives, whining and “heads of villain” of Cristiano Ronaldo have not escaped will give the Portuguese are first role on the big screen. Unfortunately this is not for Raging Bull 2 or for the second opus of Taxi Driver, No. It is in the film “The Manipulator” (No, the title was not chosen for CR7) that the triple gold ball will play. He will make an appearance as cameo, (thus his own role), alongside Channing Tatum and the model Alessandra Ambrosio. For the short story, the film will be inspired by the life of Alessandro Proto, who himself inspired the film “50 Shades of Grey”. The Italian lived in New York, in the apartment that Cristiano bought. Besides, he will lend this apartment for the purposes of filming. Did he negotiate an appearance in exchange for this loan? No one knows. The film will be released in 2016.

Cristiano Ronaldo has already practised comedy by Griming himself in homeless to play football with strangers. A staging that created the controversy. Indeed, this making of showing the “transformation” (with a big smile) of CR7 in homelessness was very disturbing, especially since a few days later the Portuguese had offered an island to its agent. Anyway, let’s hope that this appearance in Scorsese’s film does not give more the runt to Cristiano who is already not very far from taking himself for Alain Delon. Unless it is the opposite … Do you think CR7 is a good actor?

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