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Cristiano Ronaldo pays himself a statue of him for 25 000 euros!

Cristiano Ronaldo loves himself a lot, it is well known. So much so that he cracked for a statue of Wax to his effigy. Cost of the small pleasure: 25 000 euros.

The Portuguese international Cristiano Ronaldo sometimes makes small follies. His pronounced taste for four-wheeled cars and luxury objects sometimes compels him to make senseless follies. Moreover, the last example is quite recent, since the man to do everything Real Madrid has just paid himself a statue of Wax to his glory worth 25 000 euros. Sculptor Michael Wade has made a life-size CR7 that now has a place of choice in the sumptuous abode of the Lusitanian in Madrid. Melty tells you more. Also know that the star attacker of FC Barcelona, Luis Suarez, gave his opinion on the ambitions of his club.
Cristiano Ronaldo now has two statues with his effigy, one in his mansion, and the other destined for the wax Museum of the Spanish capital. The critics of Manchester United’s former star would like to be able to tell him that instead of having a good time buying the decoration, he would be better off opening his goal counter (0 goal in two Liga encounters). Maybe he needed a gift before he started his season, who knows. 

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