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Cristiano Ronaldo compared to Cantona by Ferguson!

One who will remain one of the greatest coaches Manchester United has ever known has not forgotten Cristiano Ronaldo. Sir Alex Ferguson Even compared the Portuguese to a certain Eric Cantona.

Accustomed to being told by his teammates and by legends of the round ball, Cristiano Ronaldo received a nice tribute from his former coach at Manchester United, the illustrious Sir Alex Ferguson. “Fergie” commented on the talent of the star of Portugal by comparing it to that of Eric Cantona, symbol of the Red devils. The Real Madrid winger at the ego-oversized will be thrilled to learn what Ferguson thinks of him. Melty reveals the words of the man who won everything with MU. You should also know that Manchester United Anthony Martial’s favourite was taken by Ruud Van Nistelrooy, the former centre of the Red Devils.
There are players who have undeniable qualities, but who need to feel reassured to give their maximum. Cantona was one of them. I used to talk to him every day. He underestimated himself and needed to know that he was in the right club … and I can assure you that he was in the right club. Cristiano Ronaldo was another of these players: a super kid and above all, a very great professional, said Sir Alex Ferguson in an interview given to the British daily newspaper Daily Telegraph.

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