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Real Madrid: Cristiano Ronaldo talks about his future

Just rewarded by a fourth Golden shoe, Cristiano Ronaldo confirmed that he would like to finish his career at Real Madrid.

It was learned yesterday, Cristiano Ronaldo gleaned the Golden Shoe 2015, the fourth of his career allowing him to surpass Lionel Messi and to be the record holder of this precious sesame rewarding the best scorer of Europe, any championships confounded. In an interview published today in Marca’s columns, the Portuguese international has confided in its future and its objectives. If he intends to win the Golden shoe a fifth or even a sixth time, Cristiano Ronaldo also intends to finish his career at Real Madrid: Logically, I have a contract until my 33 years (Editor’s note: June 2018) and as I said many times, my dream is to end up here in Real Madrid because I feel good, I feel useful and I want to continue. “.”
Considering itself simply in “the best club in the world”, the triple Ballon d’or sees no reason to sign elsewhere. And if his contract runs up to his 33 years, an age that brings him closer to retirement, he sees himself playing much longer: “I am 30 years old and I want to play five or six more years.” If you take good care of yourself, you can go up to 40 years. “I have the urge and motivation to continue.” If he stays in Real Madrid for so long, he should know other coaches because, obviously, Cristiano Ronaldo would not get along with Rafael Benitez … Will Cristiano Ronaldo be able to finish his career at Real Madrid at 40 years?

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