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Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Lionel Messi, Leonardo Jardim gives his opinion

We met Leonardo Jardim, the Portuguese coach of the as Monaco, as part of the French final of the Nike Most wanted. Discover our exclusive interview with the Monegasque coach below!

Last week, Melty went on the side of Monaco to attend the French final of the Nike Most wanted, a detection of young talents organized by the comma brand. We took the opportunity to interview Leonardo Jardim: The coach of the AS Monaco had come to detect the rough diamonds among the contenders at the world final of the Nike most wanted. The Portuguese coach knows a lot about young talents: The Monegasque club abounds, from Bernardo Silva to Fabinho, passing by Ivan Cavaleiro … So we questioned the evolution of the young players, asked for advice for the meltynautes who dream of a career in football pro … but the technician Lusitanian also gave us his opinion on Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, “the two best” according to him. With humour, he told us who was the best between the two … Check out our interview with Leonardo Jardim below.
Leonardo Jardim, we are delighted to meet you for Melty, as part of this French final of the Nike Most wanted. Are you all right?
Leonardo Jardim, Coach of the AS Monaco: Hello! yes, I’m fine. I am very happy to be here and to help this project.
What did you think of the delivery of young people? Are there any that you enjoyed, who have typed you in the eye?
Yes … Well, it’s always hard to judge just about 30 minutes. I have seen quality players, and I think the project can help these young people who have not been able to enter the training centre. It is an opportunity for these young people to become a professional day.
What did you think of the level of this French final of the Nike Most wanted?
It was a good finale. The level was … a little below the level in training center. There are players who have the quality to play at another level.
As Monaco, you are a trainer trainer (note: This summer, the average age of the club recruits was 21 years old) … Is it a pleasure for you to train young people?
Yes, clearly! Working with young players is something I like. We advance the players, we make them grow … It’s a good job for me.
And do you take more pleasure in training young players or coaching big players?
Frankly, both. These two things are very good. What I like is football, forming a great team to win. and to form a great team, you have to grow the young players but also to train big players … Because coaching big players is the goal of all coaches.
What do you think is the difference between a young person who gets to pierce and become a professional, and a player who does not cross the course?
The difference is so small … On arrival at the training center, all are more or less at the same level. And then it’s the attitude (the ability to work), the health of life and the mentality that make the difference. These are three very, very important things so that a young hope can become professional. You have to protect the young players … because they do a lot of nonsense, you have to help them change that!
Did it happen to you, watching a game, to be completely amazed by a young talent?
Yes … But watching a young person is not just a game. Today I chose 2-3 players, but maybe that’s because others, which were better, were not in their best day. This is football: an opportunity to seize on a moment!
“Cristiano Ronaldo is the best … because he is Portuguese!”
Who do you think is the best young talent in the world?
For me, the best young talents are the young people of Monaco! Laughter)
Neymar, Hazard, Pogba … you have a preference among these three young great talents?
It’s very difficult for me to answer you. They are three young people who have the quality to make a lot of progress and one day win the Golden Ball. Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi are the best at the moment … Ronaldo is a player that I like very much, for me it is the best … because it is Portuguese! Smile)
You both come from the island of Madeira, moreover … Do you think Cristiano Ronaldo is a model for young people?
Yes, totally! It’s a model in terms of work, behavior. He’s grown a lot with these two things. I knew him very young (ed.: Sporting Portugal) … He has always had a lot of qualities, but he also works more than the others.
You always knew he’d get to that level?
Yes! As soon as he arrived at Sporting, we all saw that he would play at a very, very high level.
You are a Portuguese coach in Ligue 1 … What do you think is the difference between

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