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Cristiano Ronaldo, a problem with Navas at Real Madrid?

We want Cristiano Ronaldo to have a big ego, but the news unveiled by Donbalon surprises us a little. According to the Spanish media, Portuguese would have an amazing problem with Keylor Navas at the moment …

Either our Spanish colleagues are poorly informed, or Cristiano Ronaldo has a hell of an ego problem. Yesterday, the magazine Donbalon (Spanish weekly based in Barcelona) published an article with unequivocal title: “Cristiano Ronaldo is jealous of Keylor Navas”. Yes, totally. We know, Real Madrid has had all the sorrows of the world to beat the Celta Vigo outside (1-3). Nothing surprising, nor alarming: on their lawn, the players of the Celta are very difficult to play. Ask FC Barcelona, beaten to the ground in Malaidos (4-1). Except that Real Madrid is the best defense in Europe. And it changes everything. With a lot of realism and a bit of luck, they managed to impose themselves in Galicia. As since the beginning of the season, the Madrid have been able to count on an exceptional Keylor Navas in the cages. Performances that draw all the light on the goalkeeper Costa … To the chagrin of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Navas had made an exceptional World Cup with Costa Rica in 2014. Propelled number 1 to real after the true-false transfer of David de Gea, he shows himself brilliant in the cages of the Merengue since the beginning of the season. Cristiano Ronaldo is no longer the Savior, the hero to whom all the glances are turned at this moment … and according to Donbalon, the Madrid cloakroom would begin to complain about the lack of leadership of CR7 this season. With 7 goals in the Liga and a less dominant influence in the game, it is true that Cristiano Ronaldo, very frustrated not to have scored against the PSG, is slightly below the standards to which he had accustomed us. Navas, himself, becomes the providential man of real at the moment, and takes on the importance in the Madrid group: a reality that would not please CR7, looking forward to regaining his status as a single star of real Madrid. A info obviously to be taken with tweezers, coming from a weekly based in Catalonia, but we will follow this affair near the Melty side. In your opinion, why is Cristiano Ronaldo a little less good than last year?

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