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Cristiano Ronaldo: Martial does much better than him at the same age!

With 5 goals in 9 games with Manchester United, Anthony Martial largely surpasses Cristiano Ronaldo upon his arrival at the Red Devils in terms of scored goals.

Anthony Martial is stronger than CR7 for now! This is in any case an encrypted reality, even if we let you make your opinion about the technical difference between the two players. UEFA revealed that the 19-year-old Frenchman had made much better debut than his Portuguese colleague in Manchester United. The figures speak for themselves: Anthony Martial has already scored 5 goals under the Red Devils jersey in nine games only. However, it took 39 matches, yes 39 matches to Cristiano Ronaldo to score his first 5 goals with Manchester United. The former player from Monaco was transferred to Manchester this summer for 80 million euros including bonuses, while at 18 years old, Ronaldo was sold to Manchester “only” for 12 million euros. The comparison is difficult for Cristiano Ronaldo who, as we know, does not support competition. Well, the numbers are pretty flattering, but can Anthony Martial really have a future “to Ronaldo”?

AM9, very early compared to Thierry Henry, (the kind of comparisons that seldom make good to player) was revealed to the general public later than CR7. At the age of 19, the latter had revealed his talent to the whole world at the Euro 2004 organised in his country, Portugal being defeated in the final by Greece. Since then, Cristiano Ronaldo who recently became the top scorer of Real no longer left the selection and became today the top scorer, with 55 achievements in 123 selections. Martial, he, knew his first selection in 2015, but he still did not score his first goal under the blue jersey after 4 appearances. Like Ferguson to Ronaldo, Van Gaal gives great confidence to Anthony Martial, adopting a protective attitude at the moment. A good choice since Martial has already slammed 5 goals in 9 games only. The young Martial manages the pressure well and if it is impossible to foresee him a future as bright as that of his elders Henry and Ronaldo, the old Lyon is on the right path and it may be the future crack of the Red Devils and blues. Do you think Martial will be a future crack?

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