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Cristiano Ronaldo in open war with Benitez

Cristiano Ronaldo decided not to speak to his coach Rafa Benitez. According to CR7, his coach “does not show him enough affection”.

Nothing goes between Cristiano Ronaldo and Rafa Benitez. The two men wouldn’t talk to each other for a while. Whose fault? To Benitez of course. His fault? Having struck the feelings of cricket who very badly experienced the first press conference of his new boss. The drama is happening in Australia last August. In the newsroom, the atmosphere is heavy, the eyes fleeing, as if something terrible would happen. And it did not fail. To the question, “is Cristiano Ronaldo the best player in the world?” the former Liverpool coach winner of the Champions League replied a scathing: “Cristiano the best in the world?” “To say that this is one of the best is sufficient.” Paf! In the new dentition of CR7. First round for Benitez. The second will take place on September 21 at the Real Madrid Training Center, when Cristiano Ronaldo who is running soft in Morocco refuses to pose on the official photo with Benitez, accompanied by Florentino Perez and the four captains of the club. Ronaldo takes the hair out of the beast. Melty tells you the rest of the game.

The conflict between the two men is now open but Benitez is trying so hard to make up for it. He asked for help from José Angel Sanchez, the club’s general manager, to play the mediator. The problem is that this conflict has spread in the locker room, causing a crack between some players and their coach. This situation weakens in fact the Spanish coach who, when he arrived, did not know how to caress Ronaldo in the sense of the hair. The latter has already taken the fly in 2012 when Marcelo had dared to say that Messi was the best player in the world. Future coaches or teammates of Cristiano Ronaldo, learn one thing: Always venerate His Majesty Cristiano. Gonzalo Higuain, former teammate of CR7, has recently complained about the omnipotence and immunity of Portuguese. How do you think we can handle Ronaldo?

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