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Lionel Messi vs. Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese “tired” by comparing

Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo? The Portuguese seems to be sick and tired of being asked the question. Yesterday he said he was “tired” by this rivalry that has been imposed on him for many years.

Yesterday we were wondering if Cristiano Ronaldo had not shown a certain jealousy towards Lionel Messi, in admitting that he had been “difficult” for him to see the Argentine win many gold balloons. We know that CR7 aspires to be the best of his generation, or even the history of football, but the Lusitanian falls on a bone since the beginning of his career: an Argentine prodigy who evolves on the side of FC Barcelona. Today, Cristiano Ronaldo has once again confided in this rivalry that always makes a lot of talk in the football world. Questioned by the BBC, the Portuguese showed some weariness to be constantly compared to the Argentine Pulga …
Cristiano Ronaldo, who had spoken of his rivalry with Messi a few days ago, seems to be fed up with the constant comparison of Barca’s number 10. “It fatigues me,” he even estimated with the BBC … “I have my style, it has its own, each has its own style.” We have to respect what people think all the time, it is normal since we are compared since we are babies. Who’s the best? Who’s the smartest? Who’s the fastest? It doesn’t surprise me any more. But I’m tired because it’s always the same thing. “People repeat each other year after year.” We don’t really get tired of seeing the two talents pull the wad for many seasons, and panic the counters. One thinks on the contrary that Messi would not be as strong without Ronaldo, and that Ronaldo would not be as strong without Messi: Their unique rivalry allows them to surpass themselves and reach statistical heights absolutely hair-raising. What do you think about CR7?

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