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Cristiano Ronaldo “would very much like to work” with Laurent Blanc

According to the Parisian, Cristiano Ronaldo would have confided to Laurent Blanc that he would much like to work with Laurent Blanc after Real Madrid-PSG.

Transparent in front of the PSG, Cristiano Ronaldo was especially illustrated for his secret moment with Laurent Blanc during the final whistle blow. The triple Ballon d’or had come to greet the Parisian coach and whispered a few words in his ear. Words that Laurent Blanc described as very complimentary without going into the details. Today, the Parisian thinks he knows what Cristiano Ronaldo would have said to the PSG coach, and there is no doubt that this will suffice to revive the rumours concerning a possible arrival of the Portuguese international among the champions of France: “Your team plays very well, I would like to work with you very much.” Teaches us the daily Francilien.
Of course, this message addressed directly to Laurent Blanc, followed by the little pat on the shoulder of Nasser Al-Khelaïfi in front of the cameras, suffice to the wildest theories. What’s more, the little spat of Cristiano Ronaldo with Florentino Perez (there also in front of the cameras), before the meeting, did nothing but feed the speculations. In any case, for Laurent Blanc, whose future is just as uncertain in PSG (it depends on his career in the Champions League), this exchange with the coveted star of the Parisian club will have the merit to strengthen its position. Tired of comparing with Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo may well change air sooner than we think … Do you think Cristiano Ronaldo really said that to Laurent Blanc?

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