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Cristiano Ronaldo: Ultimatum to Real Madrid, it is not believed

The rout of his Real Madrid in the Clasico last Saturday (0-4) clearly did not reconcile Rafael Benitez and Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese would also like his president to choose between the coach and him.

The tense relations between Cristiano Ronaldo and his coach Rafael Benitez in Real Madrid are not ready to relax. At the exit of the scathing defeat of the Casa Blanca in the Clasico (0-4), in a meeting where the Madrid did not see the day, CR7 would have posed a dilemma dilemma to the president of his club Florentino Perez. It is not known how much reflection time has the Boss of Real, but his choice will obviously have serious consequences if this info is verified. Melty tells you more. Also know that Real might agree to let Cristiano Ronaldo go on one condition.

“With Benitez, we’re not going to win anything,” apparently predicted the comandante after the double showdown against the PSG in the Champions League. The relationship between the coach and his star was already not fixed. And this did not settle with the Clasico opposite Barca, which turned into a psychological shock for the Merengue. According to the Gazzetta dello Sport, Cristiano Ronaldo would have asked his president to make a choice between him and Benitez. Both not being a possible answer … The rumor swells, and our doubts with. Because one imagines the cry-cry get excited so early when the first half of the season is not over yet. Portuguese knows we don’t win a Liga season on a game. On the contrary, the process is “very long”, as Carlo Ancelotti pointed out when he still trained CR7. Benitez needs an extra amount of time to acclimate, and the Lusitanian should be able to understand it. Also find out what Van Gaal said about a potential transfer from Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United. What do you think of this rumor?

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